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If there was one word that could sum him up, it would be “Passionate”.

The last of 3 sons born to a Chinese father and Straits Chinese mother, Leo was indeed the spoilt child in the family.

His early childhood was spent observing his mother in the kitchen, due to the age gap between his brothers of 7 years. Thus, it was no surprise that his interest in the culinary field started at an early age.

Leo received his early education in various schools, and pursued his tertiary education in hospitality studies. It is there he found his true calling – pastry and confectionery.

Surprisingly, Leo started his career in the hotel industry – not in the kitchen but in the swanky offices of public relations. He dipped his hands into the world of glitz, glamour, media and networking.

Soon after, he found a new challenge – sales and marketing. Leo had it rather easy due to his foundation in Public Relations and his engaging personality. He was also lucky, to be under the tutelage of highly regarded professionals in the hospitality sector.

Time passed and he was soon propelled to head the sales and marketing department in a new property of an established Malaysian chain of hotels. Job offers started to pour in as he boarded the circuit of international trade shows. His versatility, knowledge and experience in various business hotels, serviced residences and luxury resort was definitely an asset much sought after by potential employers.

Nevertheless, Leo was never one who is easily contented. This was proven with his latest engagement, a career in the tour operating sector which was totally new to him. His current portfolios include business and product development, marketing, public relations and communications.

Past times:
When he is not travelling, Leo likes to engage in his passion – baking. He is also an avid swimmer, representing his schools in his younger days.

About food:
Leo’s food philosophy is “keep it authentic and simple”. He prefers Mediterranean, Italian, Cantonese and Japanese cuisines. Leo enjoys an espresso after his meals. He generally stays away from desserts.

Leo frequents the following restaurants on a regular basis.

1. NeroVivo Italian Restaurant
2. Ciao Caffe Ristorante
3. Tai Thong Group of Restaurants
4. Gonbei @ Starhill Gallery
5. Planter’s Inn @ Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur
6. Li Yen @ The Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur
7. Apple Wine Tavern ADOLF WAGNER @ Frankfurt


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1 January 2005 at 10:15

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