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lydia-chan should stop tagging me u know…

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1. Live a fruitful life
2. Eat abalone sashimi in Hokkaido
3. Get married with two kids and a dog, oh yeah wife too lol
4. Buy house with my own money
5. Be a General Manager by 35
6. Open my own chocolate specialty shop
7. Be in love with the one, enough to still want to hold her hands when we walk down the street when we’re like 80 yrs old lol

Seven things I could do:
1. Fall asleep anywhere
2. Fall asleep anytime
3. Whip up a meal with barely anything in the fridge (Iron Chef Leo!)
4. Watch FMP Fumoffu repeatedly (bonta-kun rawks)
5. Eat, and eat… and eat..
6. Read recipe books
7. Swim

Seven celebrity crushes:
1. Mandy Moore? LOL
2. Ayumi Hamasaki
3. Chidori Kaname (ok she’s not real, tough luck!)
4. Penelope Cruz
5. Catherine Zeta Jones
6. Alyssa Milano (is that how it’s spelt)
7. Anna Kournikova

Seven often-repeated words:
1. Shit
2. LOL
3. Sigh
4. OMG
5. Haro haro
6. Baka
7. Moshi moshi

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1. Hair
2. Nose
3. Height
4. Built
5. Skin Tone
6. Shoulder Width
7. Eyes

Seven tags go to:
1. Joy
2. Hazel
3. Nic
4. Kry
5. Baka Buta
6. Etc..
7. Dan lain lain lol!


Written by Leo

26 October 2005 at 20:28

Posted in My Thoughts

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