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this certainly has to be the most tiring day of my life. i couldn’t sleep last night, partially coz of the jetlag and mostly coz i wasn’t feeling too good. why? don’t ask.

went into office, had the best nasi lemak breakfast i had in months, and downloaded my e-mails. yups, all 40 of them, due like YESTERDAY.

then boss calls up “leo, are you done with yr london report? have you planned for your europe / milan trip? gm asks to plan a cocktail for our italian agents in milan.”

great, three sentences uttered by my boss makes my workload a further 3 days behind schedule.

then i missed my 10.30 appointment with HSBC bank coz my coordinator put it at 11.00am on my calender. she only realised it when i was about to walk out the office door at 10.45am. just when i thought things couldn’t get shittier, shit happened.

i was out for my 2.30pm appointment and yeah i sent my miracle phone (the moto) to the doctors yest coz well it wasn’t working. i couldn’t check my e-mail on my spare phone so boss sends an EXTRA URGENT EMAIL, wants a reply by 4pm… it was 3.50pm when my dear coordinator called me to let me know.

then i was back, checking my e-mails and chattin with some friends on msn then suddenly out of the blue, mom was banging on the door… annoyed, i opened the door “oh nothing lah, just wondering whether you’re having dinner or not”. ARGH!

it may seem like i’m in a pissy mood today, fact is I am. lack of sleep and events of late hasn’t made leo his chirpy and happy self.

my body seems pretty screwed up, i’ve put on 2 kgs in the last week (probably due to cold weather, non-stop eating). can swear that i can see my abs disappearing one by one.

ouh lemme recall the experience of shopping for lady’s knickers in top shop down in oxford street mwahahahahah hillarious i tell u.

well i was in top shop UK to get some stuff for the chic back home right.. then first time round the knicker section was void of guys so i kinda chickened out and went to the guys section to browse. and obviously didn’t get anything for myself coz it was so freaking expensive. anyway decided to give it one more shot so i went downstairs again lah. WOW.

there were like plenty of guys browsing the ladies knicker section (apparently x’mas shopping, or maybe some weird fetish mwahahahahah) so wut more, when in rome, do as romans do lah.. ahahahahah bought some. not for me of coz.

i’ll write more as it passes my mind.. cheerios

Current song: Michael Buble – How Do You Mend A Broken Heart


Written by Leo

23 November 2005 at 18:16

Posted in Travel

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