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moving office!

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moved office from the 5th floor to the 4th floor today! boss refused to let us hire movers, so yeah we were shuttling between old office and new office, lifts 1 & 2, lol! moving tables, chairs, shelves, loaded filing cabinets, loaded cupboards, computers, photocopiers, cables, etc etc etc. took a good 8 hours to move the stuff.. as i am typing this, all the junk is in the new office not organised yet..

one of the girls based in the resort has resigned and my colleague (ken) has been asked to replace her in KK… sigh so looks like the KL office will be a one man show. dammit

anyway, more details to come and shots of the new office k! its got a breathtaking view of sungai wang plaza LOL.

oh yeah and the year-end-sale starts on friday! Yipeee!!!

and i’m getting my dog (roofus) on saturday!! YAY!!

and i miss my baby =(


Written by Leo

1 December 2005 at 0:13

Posted in Travel

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