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christmas list

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well i figure it is time for the annual christmas wish list… for your info, the big sale is coming up 1 dec – 1 jan 06.. i also accept post-christmas presents!

1. first and foremost, a bloody big box of godiva chocolate truffles
2. a miniature schnauzergetting it on saturday YAY!! roofus is his name (updated 1 December 05)
3. camping gaz blowtorch (to make sumptuous desserts)
4. rado ceramic watch (black color pls)forget it, never gonna get it anyway (updated 10 December 2005)
5. return first class tickets to london with 1000pounds spending money
6. world peace (hahahaha, i had to put this in)never gonna happen (updated 10 December 2005)
7. burberry winter jacket and scarf
8. dunhill ties (all colors possible pls)
9. heralready have her! LOL YAY!! (updated 1 December 05)
10. a big estate by lake como, or royal tunbridge wells will do, complete with garage of aston martin, lamborghini, ferrari and porsche 911 turbo

that’s all.. i’m quite easy to please right? hehehe


Written by Leo

10 December 2005 at 10:16

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