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Keep your ass in your seat

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hahah was on my usual route to work via the KL Monorail ex. KL sentral… so like the usual early morning kiasu crowd right.. there was this EXTREMELY huge obese lady…

I was seated in the corner (the seat nearest the driver’s cabin). obviously the monorail was full and this hugely obese lady tried to take the seat in between me and one poor scrawny guy (scrawnier than me of coz). we were like DUSH pushed to the edge of our seats automatically… me being more kiasu then her tried to stay put to no avail.. she even had the nick to jeling at me right, then tell me “please keep to your part of the seat”…

obviously my mood wasn’t that good (i’m not a morning person) and she received this smart remark from me lah.. “well like my behind is in my seat, looks like yours isn’t…”

she kept quiet and sat down like a good girl for the rest of the journey. i was so “taken” by the events of the morning i missed my freaking stop!! somemore i so semangated to wake up sooo early this morning. in the end of the journey, i reach office 5 minutes to 9.00am.. sad case..


Written by Leo

5 January 2006 at 15:04

Posted in My Thoughts

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