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bad or worse?

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don’t know which is worse.. you tell me…

1. Malaysian Airlines buying a stupid 1.something million ringgit painting and then telling the general public “you fuckers don’t know how to appreciate art”; it’s like telling me that i don’t know how to cook dude, might as well tell our prime minister that he doesn’t know how to do his job (well that’s a seperate issue altogether now isn’t it *gRiN*)

2. AirAsia’s non reclining seats in their spanking new Airbus A320’s; brings a whole new dimension to the definition of “Air Bus” literally doesn’t it? Now Everyone Is Flyin’, But They Ain’t Reclinin’…

3. Proton buying a company for close to 400mil and selling it back for RM 4.30 (1 euro); now our national car maker is a charity organisation… wutever happened to save the Julienne’s fund?? maybe she should go and ask proton for money…

4. Me getting migraine attacks everyday for the past week.


Written by Leo

10 January 2006 at 9:11

Posted in My Thoughts

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