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Useless Japanese Inventions

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An excerpt from one of my favourite blogs…

I found this old silly book, then I found the book is published in English too. The title is “101 un-seless Japanese invention”. The original title is “chindogu” it means unuseless, it “means funny tool”. Let’s check the book.

This is a ramen soup block. Since Japanese s
lurp noodles (with a nice sound! Yup, it is not rude in Japan.) and get spattered with soup. This shampoo shield can be used to block scratching.

Since the main transportation in Tokyo is by train, there are many train items in this book. When you find an empty seat but it seems too small this will help you.

Japanese sleep well in trains, sometimes even when she stands. A little bit scary looks though. In crowded train, you can’t always get to a grab handle. So you can take your own one

At least two times, I passed the station where I needed to get off. I wish I could have this. :-p

I want this, a perfect umbrella

He wipes his hand there not because he doesn’t have a handkerchief. Because he HAS a handkerchief there.

Actually in this season, we need tissues a lot. In Tokyo you can get free tissues everywhere, but it won’t be enough. This one seems to have good cost performance.

When you read a book in your bed, you don’t need to care about eyeglasses. But not only for reading, this would be useful in other purpose too.

And here are some kitchen items. Some people say they hate to have eye contact with fish, so.

I think this butter is useful.

You may see more items here. Then you think the title useless is nice for the book? Some items look very useful to me. But on the other hand, if they had time to translate such a book, there are more useful, important books.


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9 February 2006 at 11:00

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