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30 minutes of chaos!

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SUBANG JAYA: Residents in this densely populated suburb outside Petaling Jaya thought a hurricane must have swept across their neighbourhood when a freak storm that lasted 30 minutes uprooted trees, blew off roofs, toppled over lampposts and caused chaos.

The worst-hit areas were SS14, SS17 and SS18, where the residents described the blustery weather conditions that started at 3pm yesterday as “nothing like they had ever seen before.”

SRK Subang Jaya in SS14/5 had to summon parents to take the pupils home after the winds tore away part of the roof and sent tiles flying.

“We rushed all our pupils into the school hall just in time, before the flying tiles hit the classrooms, offices and cars,” said the school’s evening principal Rokiah Shariff. The school will remain closed until repairs have been made.

Besides houses and property ravaged by the storm, hundreds of cars were also damaged by flying debris and falling trees and branches. No one was injured.

The Meteorological Department, when contacted, was unable to explain the phenomenon.

In the aftermath of the storm, major roads in Subang Jaya and USJ were impassable due to uprooted trees and fallen billboards and street lamps, which blocked the way.

Ok the head line was to attract your attention. But seriously, here’s a few piccies I took of the freak storm on the way back from Carrefour with Mom.

Freaky huh? I thought it was rather cool. =)


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9 March 2006 at 19:05

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