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10 reasons why I should be an Ambassador

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Please excuse the lack of food stuff in the last few posts and this one, I figure it’s time to take a break from cooking… In the meantime, these are the 10 reasons which I am considering a career move to the diplomatic field.

10. I get to savour the host country’s food and culture…
9. Easier to get guns and illegal firearms under “Diplomatic Consignment”
8. Tax free cars! Where’s that Maseratti that I’ve had my eyes on?
7. Ride like a king, live like a king and work like a king…
6. Diplomatic immunity.
5. Children go to international school, on government’s expense! Wooots!

4. I get to park my car anywhere I want without worrying about getting a traffic ticket, somewhat like “My grandfather’s road!”

3. Best hair stylist is always at your disposal.
2. Personal chef and butler.

and the number one reason why I should be an Ambassador is:

1. I get to meet that dimwit of a Bush!


Written by Leo

26 March 2006 at 2:31

Posted in My Thoughts

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  1. *falls over* #1 rocks man. At first glance I really thought you met Bush. Hahahahah!


    27 March 2006 at 0:35

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