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It’s up to you New York, New York!!

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Ok so what if I’m going to Dubai instead of New York? I’m packing for the interview trip, here’s what I’m supposed to bring / do… (long post warning, might be boring to some)

1. Polo tees
2. T-Shirts
3. Khakis
4. White linen pants
5. Navy blue suit (2 sets of pants)
6. Black suit (2 sets of pants)
7. Long sleeve shirts
8. Working socks
9. Sports socks
10. Underwear
11. Sleepwear
12. Shorts

1. Key Ng shoes
2. Valentino shoes
3. Sneakers

1. Cufflinks
2. Tie pins
3. Ties

1. Burberry cologne
2. Burberry mini spritzer
3. Comb (just in case)
4. Cotton buds
5. Dental floss
6. Facial wipes
7. Hair fudge
8. Moisturiser
9. Pore pack
10. Razors
11. Shampoo & conditioner
12. Toothbrush & toothpaste

First Aid Kit
1. Aspirin (the miracle cure!)
2. Lomotil (the 2nd miracle cure)

1. Digicam
2. Laptop & charger
3. PDA USB charger / sync cable
4. USB hub

1. Curiculum Vitae and copies of certificates
2. E-Ticket
3. Passport
4. Revision materials

To Do List
2. Call up credit card companies
3. Call up Maxis
4. Check Dubai weather forecast
5. Currency exchange to Dirhams (AED)

6. Divert private line to roaming number
7. Feed Roofus
8. Print out presentation
9. Save Aunty June’s Spain mobile number
10. Take USB sync cable back from office
11. Text mom to let her know I’m alright

Did I miss out anything? Oh yeah by the way, please do not call 01231313**, I can be reached at 0123451307 (my roaming number) instead.


Written by Leo

4 May 2006 at 0:56

Posted in My Thoughts

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  1. yea..u forgot a very important thing..u forgot to bring me along..haha


    4 May 2006 at 16:03

  2. remember my chocolates~


    5 May 2006 at 18:10

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