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I’d so die if I ever lose this card. Job’s been smashing but the focus is more on outbound products right now and I’ve been spending lots of time at the other office at Jalan P. Ramlee, which happens to be right behind Beach Club.

Coffee Bean (although not my personal favourite) has been a haunt lately due to the fact that it’s located on the ground floor of my office building.


Ok today on the way to work Jalan Bangsar was jammed like crazy, (I woke up late coz I was baking them pineapple tarts till 3.30am last night, more on that later).

We (my brother Marvin, and I) crawled thru traffic only to find the cause of the problem…

A fucking city council truck in the middle lane, filling a pothole in the middle of Jalan Bangsar, in the middle of rush hour. God do these people ever have brains? I think they must have lost it in their fine dining etiquette classes or left it in their spanking new six-thousand-dollar tuxedo pockets… BASTARDS!

Figure we were already late so might as well drop by the Kampung Baru breakfast joint. Damn! Nasi Lemak (rice cooked with coconut milk, a Malaysian breakfast staple, with cucumber, boiled egg and deep-friend anchovies as condiments) here still cost RM 0.60 (that’s about US 0.15, EU 0.13 and Pound Sterling 0.06) a packet… I bought mine with Sambal Sotong (spicy squid), Rendang Tuk (a mild beef curry, famous in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia) and a fried egg for three Ringgit! Marvin almost bought the whole kuih stall…

Boss is in Redang now, be back in office on Tuesday, hence the “pretend to be busy working, when actually busy blogging”. =)

Dinner tonight with Uncle Milton from Dubai! 😀

Cheerios for now!


Written by Leo

14 July 2006 at 14:57

Posted in My Thoughts

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