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Claypot Chicken Rice at Jalan Sultan…

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Was walking along Jalan Sultan in Kuala Lumpur on the way back home today and suddenly had the urge to get some of the renown Claypot Chicken Rice.

It wasn’t cheap though, but the portions justified the premium I paid. Nevertheless, I was made to wait 45 minutes to get my order done, mainly because of the crowd and also because it was made in the most traditional manner, using charcoal stoves. It is said this Chinese delicacy cooked using the charcoal stove produces a distinct aroma that is unrivalled by any other.

I guess this is what it would look like 22 years ago…

This stall has been operating for 22 years… Things are still made the same way they were 22 years ago. Nothing has changed, or so claimed the owner who was nice enough to entertain my trying to extract some information from him whilst he was busy switching pots upon pots of aromatic rice.

Rice and chicken broth is brought to a boil, then pieces of chicken previously marinated with old ginger juice and Chinese rice wine were then place on top and cooked together with the rice. Generous slices of dried Chinese sausages “Lap Cheong” and salted mackerel fish were then added and finished off with a generous mixture of light and dark soy sauce, Chinese rice wine, more old ginger juice and a mixture of aromatic oil “Sok Yau” and sesame oil.


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5 August 2006 at 0:17

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