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Goodbye Munich, hello Berlin!

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Aboard the open top Berliner Bus Tour…
Hello from Berlin! It was a fruitful trip to Berlin indeed, both business and pleasure. Took a bus tour for the benefit of you guys, to take in the marvellous architecture of Berlin.

The tower built to commemorate the Prussian war, containing three canons from Denmark, France and Russia

The infamous Brandenburg Gate…

Nice view of the river opposite Haufbanhopf, Berlin’s central station

Yes they do have nice cars here… Bentley GT

A German restaurant owner, Martin and I… They serve really good roasted pork knuckle here (Schwinehaxe, pronounced swine-hat-sir)

What’s left of the Berlin wall that used to separate East and West Berlin


Sep 30, 2006 – 38 Photos

Berlin album

The old historical buildings are mostly located on East Berlin, and modern buildings are in the West part. In terms of development, East Berlin is catching up with a lot of construction going on. Coincidentally, this coming Wednesday is the Reunification Day of East and West Germany. Preparations were underway for a 3-day celebration (in German terms, beer, beer and more beer).

Also took a stroll in KaDeWe, Berlin’s largest shopping mall. As space is a premium in Berlin, it was what I would say a miniature version of Suria KLCC back home. But the gourmet floor was excellent. All premium brands of chocolate from Lindt, Godiva, Valrhona, Maxim, and wonderful pastry outlets like Lenotre were there. A full range of caviar, premium champagne, foie gras, game meat and other delicacies were also available.

I would recommend you to visit Berlin if you have the chance. It is a far cry from the quaint little town that Munich is.


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1 October 2006 at 16:27

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  1. u wanna marry xiaxue ? O.o

    Qian Jing

    7 November 2006 at 18:28

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