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Dusk in Arabian skies…

Hello all… I’m currently flying over Jouf in Saudi Arabia from London Gatwick enroute to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

My aircraft, the Boeing 777-300ER. I like!
I’ve spent 5 nights in London (of which I might add, I didn’t quite enjoy).. Nevertheless, its one of those trips that I have to do every November.

This time round, I’m flying Emirates Airlines which gives me a stopover at Dubai at no extra charge; hence the 2 nights in Dubai enroute back to Kuala Lumpur.

Ah.. delectable delights courtesy of Emirates Airlines
Anyway, the flight has been great! They had to shift me around the cabin a bit as I was one of two single travellers… Nevertheless, I’m enjoying myself with endless glasses of Dom Perignon champagne and Godiva chocolates… Plus a row of 4 seats to myself…

The new walkway to gates 101 and above at London Gatwick airport… it’s high / wide enough for the new A380 to pass through…
Anyway, being up in the air alone gave me sometime to contemplate about how I’ve lived my life and how things are going to be…

I guess that my job now requires more commitment of my time. And the travelling hasn’t been little either. I can’t admit that I don’t like it, but I am growing quite tired of it. I’m tired of feeling nervous everytime I’m away from the office, fearing that CEO might call me coz something went wrong..

Sigh… I’m thinking whether I’ve made the right choice of taking this job up as I didn’t know the scale and magnitude of my function. It finally dawned upon me that I might be in over my head. My over-ambitious drive has cost me many sacrifices along the way.

But nevertheless I’m gonna put my best in it and see what happens.

Garoupa fillet with vege and tumeric lemon butter sauce
Cheerios for now, landing in Dubai about an hours time. Can’t wait to get back…


Written by Leo

10 November 2006 at 23:30

Posted in Travel

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