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Learning without being taught…

Thats the new tagline of my company… It essentially wraps up our philosophy and how we want to bring luxury travel to a whole new level of sophistication…

Gave Roofus a nice bath just now.. here’s a pic right after his shower

and pics after blow drying…

All nice and dandy… For a while!

He’s a natural when it comes to photo taking…

Went to Borders at Times Square last Saturday, found a couple of books I really want for Christmas… (I have also put the ISBN for your convenience *gRiN*)

I’ve been eyeing these books forever but never got to buying them due to its prices…

Additionally, there are two more:

The Jesus Dynasty – James D. Tabor
ISBN: 000722058-8

The Jesus Papers – Michael Baigent
ISBN: 10 000724122-4

Feel kinda bad due to an interview session to hire some new staff… It’s a long story but to cut it short, it went very personal but I had to let my mind think objectively instead of listening to my heart…

He wasn’t hired… Life is cruel…


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30 November 2006 at 2:43

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