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It’s year 2007, and I’m turning 26 this year… 2006 was a year with many thrills and spills. I did many things that I regret doing, and also did many things that I wish I could go on doing forever.

I got a new job in 2006, which I am still holding on to. Turned down 5 job offers which I considered seriously. No regrets there.

Made a few new friends. Those who know me well will know that although I have a large social circle (as required in my job), only a select few will actually know the real me.

I grew up tremendously in terms of maturity, learnt to see the big picture and abandon the mindset of pettiness. I’m very pleased with that.

Nevertheless, I am quite disappointed as a few things in my life can’t be straightened out at the moment due to certain circumstances. My finances aren’t exactly great, and I am still in a limbo as to where I am heading with my career.

Any guy passing the 25 years mark will stop and ponder I guess. The time will come to settle down. The question is, am I ready for the next stage of life? I am quite reluctant to accept the fact that the first quarter of my life is over, youth is a thing of the past and I’m absorbed into this vortex called “responsibilities” and “adulthood”.

View from my room in the office

Certainly my main passions – cooking, having a good night out, chilling out with friends, movies, orchestra concerts and classical music remain integral part of my life. But what really depresses me is that I have less and less time to do what I want to do. Sometimes I want to shut off and escape to an island with pristine beach, without the interference of my mobile ringing every minute or so. I’d like to take more breaks away from work – short weekenders.

I want to lay on the beach and get a tan and do nothing. I don’t seem to have that kind of holidays lately. It’s been walking, walking, seeing, walking, seeing and walking again. I guess I’m a boring person to go for vacations with. For me, a vacation is strictly that. Doing nothing… Okay, maybe a good book, nice beach, great weather, a bottle of Gold Label and a bucket of ice. My spare time in my trips overseas in Europe are spent at a sidewalk cafe reading a good book outdoors and with a nice coffee / wine / beer.

Speaking of coffee, I’ve got a horrid new addiction to Lavazza, Coffee Bean and Segafredo. Being around an Italian who’s equally passionate about food and coffee 75% of your time awake is taking its toll on my wallet! GRR!

What 2007 has in store for me…

Well I know for one that I will be travelling substantially more this year, to Germany and possibly Dubai, Czech Republic and Hungary. My travels are usually planned around major travel trade shows, which happens Q1, Q2 and Q4 of the year.

Looking forward to spending some time with Aunty June in her Spanish Villa after my London trip, thereafter some time with Uncle Milton in Dubai…

Food & Cooking
I’m going to take a new approach to my cooking this year, and try to come up with new recipes incorporating Asian flavours. I hope also to learn up my mom’s nyonya dishes (yes, it’s a little difficult with “a pinch of this n that”).

Also looking to expand my collection of premium whiskeys and stock up on Gold, Blue Label and Royal Salutes. I must announce that I’m a Johnny Walker convert now, since that first bottle of Gold Label (sorry Chivas, you were good but we’ve gotta get on with our lives).

I don’t know whether I should go on with this blog. What started as a “thoughts on the web” project turned “culinary escapade” and finally “too lazy to update”.

Doubt that anyone reads this anyway…

Cheerios and happy new year everyone. Leo

P.S. – Think happy thoughts.


Written by Leo

19 January 2007 at 14:38

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  1. I read.=)


    20 January 2007 at 0:52

  2. thanks…


    20 January 2007 at 9:11

  3. i read.

    and can you (and i) make sure that we go out yum char before i turn 24 (which is damn soon)?

    see you when you get back lah.


    29 January 2007 at 20:50

  4. erm..tat’s life
    when u want something in life u have give out something else..
    give up or give in?
    u of coz wish you have more than 24 hours in a day for you to maximize ur times of whatever u want to do. ironically we always battle with times and others stuff in life whereby need to take lots of consideration. somehow life still moving on…enjoy ur life to the max k? don’t regret whatever u’ve decided n made, coz there’s no U-turn in our journal


    30 January 2007 at 12:49

  5. Hi.. Continue blogging please.. I do read as well~ =D Nice to know you btw..~J~Jason Siah


    9 February 2007 at 1:36

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