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Part 1 of 5: Berlin, Germany

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KUL-SIN: Singapore Airlines SQ107
SIN-FRA: Singapore Airlines SQ326
FRA-TXL: Lufthansa LH200
Total flight time: 15 hours 5 minutes
Total flight distance: 6844 miles

Singapore Airlines rocks!
Nice sunflowers at Changi Airport
After flying for more than half a day, I’ve arrived in Berlin. Local time here is 2315hrs. I couldn’t get a seat on the night flight from Singapore which would enable me to arrive in Berlin in the morning. So now I’m stuck here for an additional night. Hotels are all fully booked so I found this nice dingy 2-star little hotel called Berlin Plaza Hotel here on Knesebeckstrasse.

Well at least a bed for me to sleep till morning where I proceed to my nice little 3-bedroom apartment on Behrenstrasse. I have a briefing to attend at Intercontinental Hotel Berlin by Tourism Malaysia. One of those “remember that you are representing Malaysia and mustn’t do anything that will tarnish the image of your country” exciting pre-trade show briefings.

Tourism Malaysia is organising a Malaysian Night on Thursday, basically a boring dinner featuring Malaysian bureaucracy at its best. As usual, dress code is Batik which no one even bothers, except for them people who suck up to the TM people, obviously not me. I remember attending Malaysian Night during a trade show in London sometime back, it was held at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel in down town London.

I’m always amused at how funny the government sector can be at these things. Back home we are fanatically trying to enforce the Islamic country thing with absolutely stupid and ludicrous ideas like rewarding people for ratting on Khalwat (close proximity), and yet precious tax payers money are being spent lavishly on free flowing alcohol and ridiculous Bernard Chandran fashion shows (where everyone claps because the alcohol kicked in) without a thought at the most expensive hotels available (go surf up the internet for Four Seasons London’s rate and multiply it by 2, that’s the hotel rates during trade shows).

Perhaps this is the government’s way of spreading the news that Malaysians are gracious hosts. I beg to differ. Taxpayers, this is how your government spends your money abroad – like there’s no tomorrow.

Enough sour graping, Berlin is actually a very nice city to visit. There are many places of interest here but due to the hectic schedule of my work, I didn’t have much time to go around. Nevertheless, it hasn’t changed much since my last visit here in September 2006.


Written by Leo

6 March 2007 at 9:55

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    Hor ny Ang Moh

    8 March 2007 at 12:31

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