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The epitome of bad customer service…

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Today, I received two calls from two well known companies in Malaysia; Maxis and Dell.

Scenario #01: Dell Malaysia
You may have read my brief post on this. Well the essence of the story is, my laptop screen was loose on the left hinge and it flickers when I unplugged my AC adaptor.

My e-mail to Dell on Friday, as you can see below is rather self-explanatory.

Dear XXX (name changed),

I AM EXTREMELY ANNOYED that you guys at Dell can’t get your act together.

I called in this afternoon to report that my screen was flickering when I unplugged the adapter whilst my computer was running. I also mentioned that the hinge was loose on the left side of the screen. All this I had to repeat three times due to the fluency (or lack of) of your call centre personnel in English.

I am to leave for Frankfurt for 2 weeks for business on Sunday and I understand that your service team doesn’t work on weekends. I offered two choices to the person who attended to me;

1. Get my laptop serviced today (Friday, 13 April 2007) or
2. Service on Monday in Frankfurt Germany.

Your kind call centre personnel who attended to me managed to get things in order for your guys to service it in the evening today. Arrangements were made with your service team and courier service to be at my office between 6 – 7pm.

So your delivery guys came and delivered the “parts” to be replaced. The technician came promptly soon after and to his and my dismay your delivery guys sent the WRONG ITEM.

Your kind technician then assisted to get the correct parts sent to the office again and it arrived, 1 hour later.

Again, we were surprised to find that it was only the BACK COVER of the display that was delivered. I clearly stated that the screen was flickering.

Now your poor technician is attending to my laptop. It’s 8.15pm. I want to know what happened and I want someone senior to talk to me. ON THE PHONE. IMMEDIATELY.

I am very very annoyed.


So they called up and did the whole customer service thing. Here’s the highlights of the conversation.

“I understand how you feel”
No you do not understand how I feel waiting for 4 hours to get a simple service done.

“I’d feel the same way if I was in your position”
You have no clue of my position. I had to clear up my work before I left for Frankfurt on Sunday. I finished my work and left office at 1.00am on Friday as a result of waiting on your incompetent service team. To make things worse, your claimed “worldwide next-business-day warranty” does not apply in Frankfurt as my laptop isn’t supported in Germany.

“We are taking the necessary steps to improve our service with your feedback”
That’s of no concern to me. How can you compensate me for time and money wasted whilst waiting on your service team? I refuse to be made a guinea pig in your “customer service improvement programme”.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused to you following your experience with our service team”
Apologies not accepted and inconvenience barely scratches the surface of the duress you guys put me through.

“Please expect another call from us to get back to you on our investigations of your case”
Please refrain from calling me anymore as I am in Europe for two weeks. You guys are not going to pay for my phone bill. I want all correspondences in writing from this point onwards so that I may consider legal options (cheh, like real only lah hahaha!).

Scenario #02: Maxis Communications Malaysia
Essence of the story – I’ve been charged for junk sms’ which I never subscribed to, roaming episode in Estonia, screw-up regarding my VAS (value added services), Maxis One Club membership.

Dear XXX,

I have three issues of concern.

1. External Content Provider
Of late, I have been getting unnecessary junk sms’ from various providers which I have contacted the Maxis call centre to be removed from all lists. This has worked. However, I have been billed RM 0.30 for something I did not use. Please refer to Page 3 of 11 on the Statement dated 24 March 2007. Please investigate and revert to me.

2. Roaming service
I will be travelling once more to Germany, Latvia and Poland and would like a written assurance that the roaming services in these countries are working. I do not want to be caught in a foreign country without access to my e-mails and incoming calls once more after the horrendous episode in Estonia not long ago.

I would also like to highlight that “the secondary Maxis Mobile line 012 XXXX XXX was not provisioned for roaming service” mentioned in your previous mail is no fault of mine as I had used the service and it was in my rate plan prior to the change of my rate plans in January. In conclusion, it’s not my problem. It was the lack of checking and follow-up of your staff that led to my troubles. “Goodwill waiver” hardly describes nor justifies anything.

3. Maxis One Club
After our your e-mail dated 22 March, I have since received my bill dated 24 March but not the Maxis One Club pack. It seems that your billing department is more efficient than your Maxis One Club.

In essence it shows how you guys drag your feet when it comes to recognising your “valued clients”, by treating them like second class citizens. Your distinguished company has no qualms on using the courier service when my bills are above RM 1,000 but too stingy to send your marketing packs.

I am a paying client like all your other “valued clients” and do not deserve second-class service, or lack thereof.

As such, I will be moving all my non-essential numbers to another better service provider upon my return, in early May.

Let me add that to date, no one from Maxis has called to apologise personally over the incidents and level of service that I have received. It is only after the e-mail has been copied to your CEO, Senior GM and Head of Consumer Services that a reply was received from you.

Thank you.

Anyone in the same boat as me? Pfffftttt!


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16 April 2007 at 21:26

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  1. i have problems posting in your chatbox ! why why why !!! *sobs* *sobs*


    17 April 2007 at 13:42

  2. poor leo~ *pats* hv 2 tolerate bad services frm org which r supposed 2 b leading service providers.guess ur complaint 2 maxis did work,huh?


    18 April 2007 at 2:02

  3. *sorry..dunno y cant type d full comment previously*coz previously i called their call centre,my was enquiries were attended 2 promptly.though d staff attending me wasnt really profifient in eng but he tried his best 2 ans me.b4 ending d call he told me tht a sms would b directed 2 me regarding whether i was satisfied wif their call centre service…d reply was FOC of course


    18 April 2007 at 2:06

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