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Willkommen zurück zu Frankfurt

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Means welcome back to Frankfurt!

I’ve always taken a liking to Frankfurt since my last trip here in September 2006.

There’s something about this city that beckons me. Perhaps it’s not the quiet suburbia like Munich is, nor does it have the glitzy glam of Berlin. But Frankfurt has its charm, very much like other European cities.

“Ladies and gentelmen, we are landing in Flanfut soon. Plis put you seat uplight, stou you tlay table back, and fast you sitbilk. Sawadee kaaaaa”
Besides the horrific flight here (which I will have to endure again on the way back), it’s been relatively mundane so far. But the best is yet to come, have a late night party to attend tomorrow night at Frankfurt’s leading club, situated right in the basement of the European Central Bank.

The weather’s been really crazy. It was 26 degrees when I arrived yesterday, and the sun was shining really brightly. This is what it would feel like in summer! If you look here, you’ll know what I mean. The average temperature this time of the year should be 16 degrees. It’s hot and dry. My skin is peeling, and nose is still bleeding.

I guess I shouldn’t complain about the weather coz I’ve always lamented how I wished my travelling was centred around summer instead of the cold off-season months.

I got what I wished for in a way…

More updates soon, cheerios.

Baci baci!

P.S.: Very thankful I decided to leave the 5kg winter coat behind.


Written by Leo

16 April 2007 at 20:00

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