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I Hate Riga!

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 The dysfunctional Reval Hotel Latvija
Already?!?! But you just arrived!! I can hear it from my boss hahaha!
Big boo boo started from the airport when I took the taxi…
It was fucking raining / icing and the guy refused to carry my suitcase into his trunk. He only did it after me ASKING him to.
He then proceeded to drive like a madman in the RAIN and dropped me at the side of the road in the rain.  I asked him to drive up to the lobby (shaded area) but he refused!  What a bastard.  Suffice to say he didn’t get a single cent of tips.
Next, I went to the reception to check-in only to be notified that “we are out of superior rooms”.  And they downgraded me to a standard room… Take a look at the difference.  I payed an extra 40 euros a night…
Standard Room 
Superior Room

Me being me, went down to reception, made a HUGE fuss and demanded to speak to the general manager (hahaha ex-hotelier for you).
So now I’m waiting in my crappy room for their phone call for a room change.
s says (17:52):
he told me alot of things about my website first, then i asked him whether he was you
s says (17:53):
you know his status also says Paris / Frankfurt
s says (17:53):
somebody tries to act you eh?
s says (17:53):
maybe it’s Leo wannabe
s says (17:53):
haha !
s says (17:53):
you’re too famous
leo™ Riga, Latvia says (17:53):
leo™ Riga, Latvia says (17:53):
no lah where got… paiseh only
leo™ Riga, Latvia says (17:53):
u think i kenny sia ka
s says (17:53):
..don’t even say kenny sia lar
s says (17:53):
first off, he’s not half leng jai as you
s says (17:54):
and you are much friendlier than him
Hahah eat yr heart out Mr. I-Have-Big-Coconuts-Kenny-Sia


Written by Leo

22 April 2007 at 3:23

Posted in Bad Service, Travel

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  1. haha, well she’s right, he’s realy not as leng jai as you whahahhaha


    23 April 2007 at 12:33

  2. That is the problem with hoteliers. They became really sensitive when it comes to staying in a hotel/resort. They complain about every single fault that they can find in the hotel, may it be minor or major. I act like you too. And it’s fun when you go “I wanna see your manager on duty.” ;p


    24 April 2007 at 9:55

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