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Written by Leo

5 May 2007 at 3:22

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  1. Leo,Thank you so much for your concern about my mom.She’s much better now…If you read my blog, you’d see how madly she is working now…(she’s happy tgh, which is good~)Anyway, that’s a beautiful picture you have of your “significant other” and yourself. She’s pretty…Hehe… Might just put the sightings of such a heart-warming portrait to my list of “3 Beautiful Things” of the day on my blog…*heart melts into a swirling pool of dark chocolate~*Oh well… Since you are back at Malaysia, maybe we’d go out for tea soon?Rae & I are currently having our hols at the moment. *sniff* One more week left, and it’s back to HELP. (T___T)On the other hand, it’s good to see that Life is treating you well. And yes, for all those times that I’ve been dropping by your blog, your pictures have never failed to enthrall me… Each and every one of them was beautifully taken. And honestly, when are you going to get married to HER?*points to picture in Sepia tones, located at last post “Some Facts About Me”~*I think I’ve seen that picture on your Friendster profile 1 or 2 years ago.At that time, I thought you were engaged! LOL.…till now?DO tell me, when you DO tie the knot, okiedokie?*winx~*Well, do take care Leo.. Hope to see you around sooner or later… Cheers.Love & God bless,Jean.


    6 May 2007 at 0:18

  2. you have a great blog here! yummy cake. @_@mnu


    7 May 2007 at 0:33

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