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Exclusive Re-Introduction of Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur

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Hmmm it seems no one is clicking on the “read more…” links on the main page of my blog. I was expecting some people to want to taste my culinary creations this weekend but I guess I must have been mistaken.

Anyway, I was invited to the “Exclusive Re-Introduction of Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur” yesterday night. It was a “relaunching” event for this hotel – known as the “Grand Old Dame of Kuala Lumpur” in the travel and hospitality circles, after a multi-million ringgit refurbishment exercise.

You can read more about Hotel Istana here. No, I’ve not been hired by them to do this post. Suffice to say the evening was quite uneventful – imagine typical Malaysian bureaucracy with lotsa ass kissing (Tourism Minister was there), no alcohol served *pfft*.

The Master of Ceremony was extraordinarily lame, and faked a very “AuzBrit” accent. He couldn’t make up his mind whether he was Malaysian, fake Australian or fake British. Nevertheless all wasn’t lost, we were treated to a sumptuous dinner.

As nice as it may sound, this first appetiser was a total let down. The Bay Scallop was actually “minced”, overcooked and well, not the freshest of catch. Marinated prawn on melon salad with orange jellies reminded me of the lame attempts by many Chinese restaurants in KL trying to do “fusion” cuisine – always ending up confused themselves.

The soup was good, however the chefs certainly didn’t skimp on the “paw chee”. One whole pectoral fin of a shark was served per person with bean sprouts and dried scallop. The only thing was as it was a halal dinner, the superior stock wasn’t made with pork so it was lacking the OOMPH. Otherwise it was well executed.

I shan’t bore you with the rest of the dinner but suffice to say it was excellent. Kudos to the team of chefs whom must have had at least two sleepless nights.

Isetan is officially my favourite wine place, for one reason only. They stock my favourite table wine, the Inniskillin Cabernet Franc 2000 (RM 70). It is a full body dry red wine which is easy to drink. For special occassions, it has to be the 1999 Cabernet Reserve (RM 120). I wouldn’t claim to be a wine connoisseur, as my appreciation of wines is limited, very limited. Hehehe!

Enough of food, the SMART tunnel was officially opened on Monday at 1500hrs. Here’s how it looks on the inside.

Although I am severely handicapped with the lack of a digicam, I must say I am pretty pleased with my 2-megapixel PDA camera at the moment. Largely due to the fact that it has macro mode.

Nice huh?


Written by Leo

17 May 2007 at 11:53

Posted in Food, My Thoughts

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  1. i hate people who are pretentious when it comes to accents..its so disgusting..although i realise that i change mine too when i speak wif an aussie..hehe..but that cant b helped..bcoz they cant understand anything but aussie english..

    "Joe" who is constantly craving

    18 May 2007 at 14:42

  2. heyy, thanks for your comments =) Had another blog in xanga, but both of them reads tht blog so decided to change..Istana Hotel, hmm, know anything about Urban Bistro? Suppose to go over to dine for my oenology class..


    18 May 2007 at 23:44

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