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I’m enjoying a glass of red wine while this post is typed…

Have this sordid episode of sappy Chinese love songs on my Winamp, here’s what’s playing:

1. 張棟樑 – 只因為你
2. 王光良 – 童话
3. 王力宏 – Forever Love
4. 楊丞琳 – 曖昧 (偶像劇《惡魔在身邊》片尾曲)
5. 張棟樑 – 當你孤單你會想起誰
6. 梁靜茹 – Fly Away
7. 庾澄慶 – 情非得已
8. 王菀之 – 我真的受傷了
9. 林曉培 – 心動 (電影《心動》主題曲)
10. 光良 – 第一次
11. 范瑋琪 – 啟程 (偶像劇《愛情白皮書》主題曲)
12. 張學友 – 心如刀割
13. F4 – 流星雨
14. 林憶蓮 – 至少還有你
15. 溫嵐 – 北鬥星
16. 韓雪 – 飄雪 (中島美嘉《雪之華》國語版)
17. 吳建豪 – 我討厭我自己
18. 動力火車 – 忠孝東路走九遍
19. 蔡依林 – 看我72變
20. 周杰倫 – 安靜
21. S.H.E – 熱帶雨林
22. 李聖傑 – 癡心絕對
23. 范曉萱 – 我要我們在一起
24. 范逸臣 – I Believe
25. 張智成 – May I Love You
26. 陳小春 – 我愛的人
27. 阿桑 – 受了點傷 (國語版)
28. 林一峰 – 遇見
29. 梁詠琪 – 花火
30. 莫文蔚 – 看透
31. 劉若英 – 後來
32. 李玟 – 月光愛人 (電影《臥虎藏龍》主題曲)
33. 張信哲 – 愛如潮水
34. 周渝民 – 溫柔的晚安 (偶像劇《來我家吧!>主題曲)
35. 劉亦菲 – 一克拉的眼淚
36. 張韶涵 – 寓言
37. 王光良 – 约定

Yes yes, shake your head in exasperation (wtf!! F4?!!?! S.H.E.!?!?!?) hahaha!

Okay here’s the low-down… My tummy was feeling woozy after yesterday’s episode of “Pan Mee”, made by moi of course… Took the day off and worked from home instead.

Baby’s coming over later for dinner, I made Kai Zhok (chicken congee) with dried scallops, Siamese fragrant rice, Japanese short grain rice and a handful of glutinous rice. Her tummy was a woozy too due to yesterday’s Pan Mee (okay now I feel guilty). More pics when I serve it out, check back for edits.

Okay guys, so what’s new you may ask? Hmmm, reformatted my laptop last weekend due to some fucking virus. All’s well, I backed everything up except the most important firefox BOOKMARKS! JFC!!!! (ask me if you wanna know what JFC means haha, but prepared to be offended). So guys please leave a comment so that I have a link back to your blog!

So things have been pretty hectic at work of late, due to the departure of a certain “someone” who left all the shit behind for ME to clear *yells asshole!*.

I’m sorry if my style of writing has become very *coughs bimbotic* casual. I seem to be whining a lot these days and I realise it. Even Roofus (my dog) is complaining!

Talk about random, here’s Italian CEO’s sms this evening… Absolutely random. Randomness at its best…

“I mapped n gapped the requirements to consolidate all into program of work to maximize synergy capture n optimize resources’ utilization n don’t miss opportunities.

If any of that sounded like work, I’ll do some more next week! :)”

If you can figure out what he is writing about, let me know coz I have no freaking clue.

And here’s Kylie’s tag to write about my favourite food.

Crabs… I love crabs. All sorts of crabs, Shanghai hairy crabs, Alaskan snow crabs, Dungeoness crabs, Japanese spider crabs, Sri Lankan crabs, local mud crabs… There’s only one crab I don’t like – smelly crab (ok lame joke, blame the alcohol).

I love my crabs steamed with a dash of Chinese rice wine to savour the natural sweetness of these crustaceans. The shells can be made into a very hearty seafood stock which in turn, create absolutely smashing crab bisque!

Shanghai hairy crabs are only in season certain months in a year and are prized for its absolutely delectable roe. I am certain that I have been to most crab places in Peninsular Malaysia. Send me an e-mail for tips!

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kyliemc loves pizza

Whoever who wants and has the time to do this..

*gulps down another glass of wine*

Phew to a super long post, ciao for now!

~ end ~


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11 June 2007 at 20:17

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  1. what do you think went wrong with the pan mee?Ah, crabs are delicious but quite troublesome to eat la… and messy too. But I wont mind dining at home.


    12 June 2007 at 3:33

  2. I don’t really know… It tasted really good tho…Oh well.. chicken porridge was fine on my tummy hahah!Yeah I agree with you on the crabs, that’s why it’s always reserved to be enjoyed with family and friends.. Not girlfriends-to-be haha!


    12 June 2007 at 13:41

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