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Middle East here I come (again)

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The bloody Hummer 3 that almost ran me down
Once again, he does it! Mr. Italian CEO dropped the bomb..

CEO: “Umm, what are you doing early December?”
Me: “Nothing much planned…”
CEO: “Why don’t you go to the Middle East and check it out?”
Me: “Umm, no?”
CEO: “Why not? It’s nice weather now, go visit yr uncle for a couple days”

Jumeirah Beach Resort, Dubai…
Me: “Umm, no?”
CEO: “Well since we practice democracy and consensus here, OK… Now go book your tickets”
Me: =_=”

Jumeirah Beach, Dubai..

GAH. I need your help here… Need hotels that costs circa 150 euros per night with breakfast and internet in these cities:

1. dubai, united arab emirates
2. doha, qatar
3. kuwait city, kuwait
4. manama, bahrain


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26 November 2007 at 18:20

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