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Doha, Qatar

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Doha West Bay
Greetings from Kuwait!

My first time in Doha and Kuwait was an eye opener. My past travels to this part of the world was only to Dubai – a bustling metropolis with everyone trying to vie for their place under the sun… (or rather buildings trying to outdo each other).

The Souk (Bazaar) in Doha
Let’s start with Doha, Qatar. Doha – literally meaning “Big Tree” (aw-dawha in Arabic) is home to 80% of Qatar’s population of 500,000 people. Most of the people in Doha are expatriates, hailing from South Asia (manual labour workers) to Europe and America. English is very widely spoken here, being a former British Colony.

Sunrise, Doha
One of many underpasses in Doha
As with all other GCC countries, Qatar is fast becoming a metropolis – evidence of petro-dollar wealth is in abundance. Qatar produces 800,000 barrels of the world’s oil daily. Interestingly, Doha has 50 towers in construction.

The New Islamic Centre – Doha
The Qatar Education City is an initiative of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. Located on the outskirts of Doha, Education City covers 14 million square meters and houses educational facilities from school age to research level and branch campuses of some of the world’s leading universities.

My take on Doha
I was thought I was prepared for the “siesta-culture” commonly practised in Latin America, but the whole city comes to a standstill between 1.30pm -4.30pm. Extremely frustrating if you are trying to get to the pharmacy to get some dental floss =)

Honestly, I wouldn’t live here. Weather was fine, with temperatures averaging 26 degrees in the day and 18 degrees in the night. It was dark by 5.00pm.

Business-wise, it was quite a productive trip. It was my first trip to middle east for business and the business community here are generally more receptive to me.

Me like! More on Kuwait soon! Got a flight to Abu Dhabi to catch… See ya!


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11 December 2007 at 20:20

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