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Kuwait Kuwait

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Liberation Tower, Kuwait City
Greetings from Dubai! Again, it was my first time to Kuwait and I really didn’t know what to expect…

Night view of Kuwait city…
Kuwait is a country off the coast of the Persian Gulf… It is also the country with the highest valued currency in the world (Kuwaiti Dinar KD 1 = RM 12.63). Dinar notes come in KD50, KD20, KD10, KD5, KD1, KD1/2, KD 1/3, KD 1/4…

The coins were in arabic, so it was incomprehensible.

Dinner in Kuwait
The people here were certainly more friendly than those in Doha, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

A street bazaar in Kuwait City…
As with all GCC countries, majority of the population in Kuwait are non-residents.

Gulab Jamun – Indian Dessert Balls
No one comes to Kuwait for holidays, due to the absence of tourism attractions, hotels and infrastructure. Furthermore, alcohol and pork are also illegal here.

My ride to the airport… constant reminders of home haha!

My take on Kuwait…
I won’t say I hate it, but I wouldn’t come back again unless absolutely necessary. It is not advisable to go out alone at night.


Written by Leo

13 December 2007 at 20:57

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  1. OMG i love gulab jamun!! were they nice?


    14 December 2007 at 7:20

  2. yup absolutely! =)northern indian food in the middle east is generally nicer than those found at home as there is a bigger indian population here from northern india and pakistan…


    14 December 2007 at 13:54

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