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Greetings all from the Northern Hemisphere of Europe…

I am currently at Gate B62 in Frankfurt International Airport waiting to board my flight LH 3446 to Budapest, Hungary.

My 10 days in Germany has been filled with ups and downs, but this time around more ups than downs.

I will arrive at Budapest at approximately 1800hrs and probably reach the hotel around 2000hrs.

Hopefully the hotel (Le Meridien Budapest) is a sanctuary from the torture I had to endure for the past four days in a miserable small hotel in the middle of nowhere in Frankfurt. I sense that it’s gonna be all nice and dandy till I reach Kiev (that’s another week and the half to go) and my next two destinations will be interesting.

It is my first time to Budapest and I am certainly looking forward to the sights, sounds and scenes of the city. It is too bad that my camera is out of order but no worries, I still have my PDA with me. Do bear with the “not-so-good” picture quality.

Germany was nice, it was snowing on the first two days of my arrival in Berlin. Nevertheless, I spent much time indoors due to the ITB tradeshow and had very fruitful business meetings there. I then headed to Munich and had more fruitful meetings.

For the first time, I visited a client’s office in the region of Konigstein in Frankfurt and it was indeed the most beautiful office that I’ve ever laid eyes on. Imagine a scenic countryside with fields and forest. Now imagine a 2-storey building with glass wall all around at the side of the hill overlooking the entire Frankfurt City.

The journey there was an adventure by itself. It was a 35-minute ride on the suburban S4 train (S-Bahn) to the last stop (Kronberg). From the station, I took a 15-minute cab ride to the office.

Needless to say, the scenery was breathtaking and I learnt that the area (Konigstein) is where all the rich bankers from Frankfurt spend their weekends in their huge villas / chateau’s.

I was rather overwhelmed by the hospitality accorded to me by my prospective client and it turned out to be all good as we sealed the contract for 2009.

This trip is truly fulfilling and I hope it continues to be the same.

I hope that all is going well with you at home and trust that the new opposition coalition governments are slowly making the much-needed changes in the state and federal administration. This is indeed a wake-up call for the ruling coalition who have been resting on their big asses and thinking that they are taking us for a ride.

Bravo once again to the people who have made their voices heard – change is indeed in the pipeline.

More updates from Budapest. Cheerios and love to all.


Written by Leo

15 March 2008 at 15:09

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  1. Seemms, that you have seen some of the nicest spots in my homecountry. Was also ther at the ITB, but didn’t enjoy the stay as much as you, due to public transport and airport personell on strike, rain, snow and very stormy weather during the landing.Enjoy the trip!

    Herr A.

    17 March 2008 at 12:24

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