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The Palace of Culture, Warsaw
Being away and alone for the duration gives me plenty of time to contemplate on my life.

A little something I found in my room today – how nice of the hotel

It appears to be a variety of the German kugelhof, and tastes like yeast-raised rich brioche cake/bread… Yummy with Earl Grey tea!

Happy Easter – Today, Christians all around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ “the Saviour” after being crucified a million Fridays ago.

It is shocking for me, to learn that there are still people around the world nailing themselves to crosses hoping for the salvation or whatever they hope to achieve. Done a lot of reading in the past few days on the atrocities of the Church in Europe and it’s a wonder why 95% of Poland’s population are still, staunch Catholics.

In addition, watched the movie entitled Goya – which is the precise embodiment of what I have mentioned above. I am swaying towards agnosticism. I do believe there is a supreme force up there but I don’t understand what drives people to cause such harm to others. Good example would be the Jihadist movements who would kill in the name of god. Open your eyes – while you are “sacrificing” yourself in a suicide mission, you won’t be getting your 72 virgins… I stress that this is my blog and strictly my opinion.

I don’t really give a shit about religion and I am a firm believer that all religions preach peace and harmony (ir)regardless of denomination or genre. That said, I am also a firm believer that there should not be an intermediary between me and the supreme force up there.

I doubt the authenticity of the religious books (all of them) – history is recorded by winners (of wars and conflicts) and as such, facts may be distorted to sway toward some ideas or direction.

Normal turn-down chocolates

My Easter turn-down chocolates… See! Easter is really a big thing this part of the world…

Indeed, paying a little extra to stay in 5-star hotels comes with benefits hehe!

Anyway, today also marks the 3rd week in Europe. I must say I’m enjoying it very much.. I went to Europe early this month with 1,500 euro in cash and I have about 600 left.

It’s been a wonderful journey so far, with the latest news being me clinching top notch clients in Hungary and Poland.

I hope all’s well back home, although I know the political scene has been much of a circus.

Anyway, the weather is much better now. It was snowing for abit just now but it’s all nice and dandy now, nevertheless its still cloudy with occasional bouts of sunlight.

Easter is one of two major holidays in this part of Europe (the other being Christmas) and all the shops are closed. Even old town – the main tourist area of Warsaw has seem to come to a standstill. It’s like Kuala Lumpur during Chinese New Year.

Had lunch at my regular Chinese restaurant – you can always count on the Chinese to take advantage of demand, there was a 10% surcharge on top of the bill due to the holidays (typical, isn’t it?). Also met a couple of Hongkies working with a company branch in Warsaw. They are here for 3 months, and are the gambling and women type of men. Me no like. However it is nice to speak Cantonese after 3 weeks! =)

I am very pleased with the flights and hotels so far but I’m bracing myself for the old communist-style hotels of Kiev on Wednesday. With a name like President Hotel, who wouldn’t?

Additionally, I won’t be updating from Kiev due to a busy schedule but will do it when I get the chance.

P.S.: The prices of real estate in Warsaw seems pretty reasonable.. *hint hint*


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24 March 2008 at 0:07

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