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Teacher teacher, he never tuck in his shirt!!

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Dumbfounded by this one

I was completely disappointed with some of my former students, who came back to school to collect their exam results or certificates.
They dressed improperly, and rather shabbily, which was very unbecoming and tactless as they were in the school compound.

Some of them were top students, hailed as role models by their peers and juniors, and had always looked smart when they were in school.

However, when they came by the other day, I couldn’t even recognise them, with their unkempt long hair, ripped jeans and torn T-shirts. I just had to tell them off and refused to speak with them until they “cleaned up” and visited the barber. Although they were my favourites back then, I really felt let down and was rather disheartened seeing them looking like that.

The boys just seemed to adore the dishevelled and scruffy look, thinking that they are cool. To make things worse, they seemed to be doing it out of spite for the teachers and wardens, as they had to adhere to rules regarding attire when they were in school. And so, they came back to school just to show off to their juniors, seemingly saying, “Hey, look at me now. I can wear anything I like!”.

Here’s my reply…

Dear NTA of Mersing,

Fact of the matter is:

1. Your remarks in criticising your former students on their dressing are totally unbecoming and tactless for someone in your social stature. Is society totally reliant on appearance now? Apparently, not – less everyone would be dressed in suits right now.

2. I believe that the Malaysian education system practices the use of uniform in all schools. How can some of your “top students” look smart when everyone was wearing the same thing? Your preference for some styles and disgust of others doesn’t make you right. Which brings me to my next point;

3. Favouritism – is something that everyone possess but should not be expressed, especially in your capacity as a teacher. Have you thought for one second about how your integrity be compromised if your students are made known about your “favouritism“?

4. It is of your personal opinion and emotions that you are “disheartened” and “let down“, but that should not impede you in executing duties entrusted to you as a teacher, and civil servant i.e. disbursing exam results or certificates. Please be reminded that you are living on taxpayers money to educate future generations, not to give fashion / grooming tips, nor pass judgement on others’ appearances. Leave that to their others more experienced and qualified to do so.

5. Perhaps you have forgotten that you have no right at all to deny your former students of their exam results or certificates. Your having personal opinions and emotions get in the way of your job only demonstrates how unprofessional you are – such is the level of civil servants these days. You are in the noblest profession and yet you display the worse of examples. FORMER students mean that they were FORMERLY governed by the rules of school, which they are not PRESENTLY required to.

So all your former students have to dress up according to your standards to meet or talk to you? What are you? Some kind of communistic, fascist dictator? And to think you have the audacity to write in to declare your “noble deeds” to the nation truly makes you a person of deplorable character.

In conclusion, get a grip and wake up, or look for another job if you cannot respect or accept another citizen’s civil liberties. Malaysia certainly can do without another petty and narrow-minded teacher like your goodself.

The most useless are those who never change through the years – Sir James M. Barrie

Some fellows get credit for being conservative when they are only stupid – Kin Hubbard

A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs, who has never learnt to walk – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Another example of the exemplary conduct of our beloved teachers
And a beautiful post by Rae-chan…


Written by Leo

13 May 2008 at 16:53

Posted in My Thoughts

2 Responses

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  1. well i sort of get his/her point. after all, those were kids that he/she saw grow up everyday as sweet innocent kids and coming back with ripped jeans n torn t shirts..isnt exactly i would say fashion or giving respect either..i mean u wont go into an interview with an untucked shirt rite and a hair you woke up with rite?

    "Joe" who is constantly craving

    15 May 2008 at 20:20

    • well I differ with your views… =) I think that schools are stifling individualism…the point is the teacher being a pain in the ass.. =)

      And they aren’t going for an interview either. If there is a dress-code to follow when collecting your exam results, it should be stated clearly prior to the actual day.


      18 November 2009 at 17:41

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