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I’ve had enough of this shit…

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Respect us for what our identity card says we are, not what colour skin we seem to have – we had no say in this. Treat us as we were your own children – we went to school together, we were best friends until your fucking propaganda screwed our innocent minds.. Provide for us as you would provide for your family.

If being supreme-er makes your ego inflate, by all means do it – but do not forget that taxes and money does not state their sources, halal or otherwise. Taxes are obtained from gambling, sales of alcohol, pork and such.

So if you are using taxes obtained from “forbidden” means to finance your “development” activities, don’t call our land an Islamic one because, it clearly isn’t. The very act of spending “haram” money and then praying 5 times daily doesn’t make you holy, by the way.

Don’t use religion as a tool to control your people, just because you don’t have the intellectual substance to convince them. Religion is a dangerous two-edge sword.

This land does not belong to you or your likes alone. This land belongs to every one of the 25+ million people who call this country home.

So, don’t break everyone’s balls on your religious, political, economic and power insecurities. Just leave us fucking alone for fuck’s sake and take your fucking hang ups and screw your own fucking self till you are contented.

It’s ironic that I’m Malaysian when I need to pay my taxes, but Chinese when its time to enroll in public universities.
It’s ironic that I’m Malaysian when it comes to philantrophy, but minority Chinese when it comes to subsidies and government grants.
It’s ironic that I’m Malaysian when I travel abroad, but minority Chinese when I return “home”.
It’s ironic that I’m Malaysian when it comes to voting time, but minority Chinese when it comes to “Don’t dispute Malay Supremacy”.
It’s ironic that you bunch of clowns are called MP’s and voted to serve your people / constituency, when all you do is act like kids and serve your own interest.
It’s also ironic that I’m Malaysian when it comes to freedom of religion, yet very much “Muslim” when it comes to food and lifestyle (you know what I mean).


Written by Leo

20 May 2008 at 18:08

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  1. wah who farked u so badly?

    "Joe" who is constantly craving

    20 May 2008 at 21:04

  2. nah.. just sick and tired of the bloody circus called “The Parliament” and clowns called “Members of Parliament”…😀


    20 May 2008 at 23:47

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