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a day around copenhagen…

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so i’m back again at my favourite square in Copenhagen, this time at a different cafe from the last time.  grilled portobello mushroom with a nice crisp glass of sauvignon blanc is what i had a while ago.  it was sumptuous to say the least.

the delicate flavour of the mushroom was accentuated with an extremely fruity grilled tomato – topped with excellent olive oil, salt, chopped garlic and dried oregano.  lightly grilled goat cheese was extremely good with the ciabatta done to perfection.

at Barosso coffee, was the place i met two wonderful american friends on my last trip here.  sitting there at the table, my mind went back to the interesting conversation we had.

am leaving copenhagen in the morning for warsaw tomorrow, more updates then.



Written by Leo

23 September 2008 at 23:20

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  1. i love grilled mushroom sounds delicious!
    and it has grilled tomato too my fav 🙂
    havent tried goat cheese before, how is it compared to the normal cheese?


    24 September 2008 at 9:35

  2. hey there! thanks for dropping by… goat cheese has a very strong flavour – very much similar to gorgonzola of italy, without the smell though.


    24 September 2008 at 11:57

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