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Krakowskie Przedmiescie street, originally uploaded by Exposure-photo.

today marks the 7th day since i stepped on that flight heading to copenhagen. its been quite a long week, with successful transactions both in copenhagen and warsaw.

also had my first encounter with the polish pharmacist – a pleasant one nonetheless. flu really gets you especially in the climate here. it is probably compounded by the change in humidity as well.

so, after a long lunch of prosecco, spaghetti bolognese and beer, i’m having a nice espresso – the first proper one since copenhagen, at costa coffee. the cashier (whose name is intricately polish) is a real cutie.

staying in the financial district of warsaw has its good and bad. the place is buzzing on weekdays, but is dead on weekends. plus the constant reminder of the girl with buildings of the big 4 firms (EY is opposite, Deloitte building is in construction right outside my window).

i’ve also been reading a lot, mainly due to the abundance of time. i’ve been through 4 of daniel silva’s books. also working out at the fantastic westin workout gym on a daily basis. i don’t think i have the tolerance to do a run outdoors due to the recovering flu.

i’m pretty thankful that i remembered to pack the winter coat. it certainly came in handy. ambient temperature is charming but the wind chill is killing.

Why I love Europe...

Why I love Europe...


Written by Leo

27 September 2008 at 23:17

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  1. hello abang! thanks for the wish and the ‘rents said thanks and have fun! 🙂 come back with a lot of hermes and god knows what! hehehehhe.


    Zuly Kamaruddin

    28 September 2008 at 10:00

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