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Okay so here’s a recap of this year’s travels so far. I’ve done a total of 55 flights, and a little over 95 nights in hotel rooms, wasted almost 2 weeks of my year on board aircraft’s developing DVT (deep vein thrombosis – economy class syndrome hehe); and a little over 5 days in airports transiting. Travelled across 3 continents and a thousand time zones, stretched my mental sanity and physical fitness to the limit with the legendary whole month of March spent in frigid wintery Europe. The passport is now left with a few pages – which is due for renewal only in 2010.

Also flew Scandinavian Airlines (SK) for the first time. I think that the aircraft livery of SK is quintessentially Scandinavian – minimalist clean lines, almost Ikea but I like the simplicity. But the interior leaves much to be desired. Furthermore, if you’re flying intra Europe in economy (which I always do), you have to buy your snacks and drinks (big BOO BOO compared to LOT Polish or Lufthansa).

The boarding passes

The boarding passes

On the good side, I’m a little over 1k miles shy of re-qualifying for the Krisflyer Elite Gold frequent flyer (lounge access, priority check-in, priority tags on baggage and that most important extra 20kg baggage allowance – that should be taken care off with my Bali trip), and about 7 stays shy of the SPG Platinum (which enables club floor access and automatic suite upgrades in Starwood hotels).

SPG Gold

SPG Gold

I think that this year would be the last year that I travel to Ukraine (since I stopped going to Moscow and middle east last year). Next year will see me travelling to new destinations – Turkey, Italy, and possibly more to Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Netherlands.

How did I achieve all this? Try a year on year increase of sales about US$ 350,000 🙂

My favourites remain as follows.

1. Singapore Airlines
2. Lufthansa
3. LOT Polish Air

1. LOT Embraer E170
2. Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER
3. Lufthansa Airbus A300-600

1. Le Meridien – Budapest, Hungary
2. The Ritz Carlton – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
3. Hotel Monika Centrum – Riga, Latvia

1. Kuala Lumpur International (YES! believe it!)
2. Singapore Changi International
3. Riga International

1. Li Yen – The Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur
2. KaDeWe Champagne, Oyster and Caviar Bar – Berlin


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  1. […] what this year has brought…… off with my Bali trip), and about 7 stays shy of the SPG Platinum (which enables club floor access and automatic suite upgrades in Starwood hotels). SPG Gold. SPG Gold. I think that this year would be the last year that I travel to … […]

  2. Marvellous article.
    The flight attendant apology letter is so apt.

    Uniform Dating

    31 October 2008 at 0:30

  3. Taking aeroplanes like taking buses …
    Hanging out at airports like hanging out at shopping malls …
    Staying in hotels more than staying in own bedroom …
    Your life reminds me a lot of the movie “The Terminal” … starring Tom Hanks … how awesome could that be … ahahahaha …the grass is always greener the other side …


    2 November 2008 at 1:33

  4. ahha u said everything right except the bedroom part la 🙂

    i still sleep a majority of my nights on my own bed..


    4 November 2008 at 0:46

  5. crazy……………

    hahah so when are you back in town?


    4 November 2008 at 8:49

  6. i’m back for now 🙂

    it’s difficult to plan stuff nowadays with the erratic travelling plans that crop up rather last minute – thanks to a certain someone.

    hope all’s well with you, lets meet soon…


    4 November 2008 at 12:54

  7. whoa..that’s lotsa flying around…gosh…your work lets you visit foreign countries at the same time..so nice! 😀


    10 November 2008 at 19:36

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