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Here I sit in the quietness of my room, no sounds but the beating of my heart.  Her voice still lingers in my memory.  It rings in my head like the wind through the trees on a warm spring morning.  I see her in my mind’s eye, a beautiful personification of woman.  The picture fades slightly from fatigue, but I know that with just the faintest hint of her existence can bring her back to me.  She knows all too well what I look for in her and what I need in my life.

With her power, she could crush my heart between her fingers, but her lips could bring me back from the brink of death.  Just to be close to her draws energy back into my soul.  How great it would be to believe that there was a love out there for me.  A love that could and would understand what heights our passion and dedication to each other could produce a love that wouldn’t question why, but would accept those feelings and actions to be a part of what we have together.  A love that completes the other; encourages the other to achieve their full potential.

I listen to her telling me to be patient.  My heart tells me to rush.  It longs for that which keeps it alive and strong.  My arms crave to hold her, and my senses are all on edge when she’s close, formulating, testing, and memorising every smell, every touch, and every vision that it can reach for.

She puts her arms around me and whispers, chills run down my back.  It doesn’t matter what she says; it’s her essence that causes my reactions.  I need to sleep; I want desperately to dream of her.  But, I’m afraid she is a dream.  A product of my imagination, teasing my soul with a vision of perfection.  I know if she is a dream, I never want to wake.  If she is real let me never sleep.  Goodnight my angel…

Miss you much…


Written by Leo

14 February 2009 at 0:00

Posted in My Thoughts

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