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Fruitful day!

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kylie, a different angle.. I look somewhat WEIRD hahahah!

What a long day…

0700hrs: Woke up to the bright Polish morning sun! *yawn* *stretch*
0900hrs: Shower o abimasu!

At the breakfast table…
0930hrs: Sumptuous breakfast with sparkling wine. Yes, they serve sparkling wine with breakfast in this part of the world.
1000hrs: Back to the room to pack for appointment.
1030hrs: Leave hotel for appointment.
1300hrs: Concluded appointment successfully, another 500k in the bag. YAY! Back to hotel to change out of suit.

1330hrs: Off to Galeria Kazimierz, Krakow’s newest mall for lunch and shopping!
1400hrs: Still walking around looking for a place to eat, settled for “American” restaurant, Jeff’s (similar concept to TGI Fridays, YUCK). Had Caesar salad, steak with baked potato and espresso.

1500hrs: Went to Alma, a network of delicatessens and supermarkets in Krakow. Bought 3kg worth of smoked Polish sausages and some smoked cod fish to bring back (hopefully won’t be detained by customs).
1600hrs: Walked back to hotel. Changed and went to gym, treadmill and laps in the pool. Soaked in the heated jacuzzi watching the skylines of Krakow for a while. Ran by the riverside for a bit. Had a super cold shower and walked into the sauna for 15 minutes.
1800hrs: Back in room, caught up with BBC News over a Coke Light.

Grilled Turkey Breast with Spring Vegetables
2030hrs: Dinner at the Jewish Quarters

2200hrs: Jazz concert, Krakow Jazz Festival…

0130hrs: Goodnight!

Oktoberfest 2006, Munich – Germany

I was really drunk happy, as you can see…


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28 April 2007 at 0:16

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Spring time…

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Dinner yesterday, Roasted Sunflower Seed crusted Baltic Cod with Dill Sauce…

Did I tell you I love Krakow? Okay I did. Everything’s been perfect since I landed at the airport yesterday.

Krakow airport (domestic terminal) is as small as it gets… I flew here via Warsaw on LOT Polish Airlines, one of the worse European carriers I’ve flew with before.

I didn’t have enough of zloty (Polish currency) when I landed and he offered to take my Euros instead! It ended up slightly cheaper paying in Euro. On the way to the hotel, he gave me a brief insight on Krakow. Needless to say he was very proud of his city. I wish I could say the same for me and Kuala Lumpur =)

The hotel I am staying in, the Qubus Hotel Krakow is one of Krakow’s latest hotel. Built in 2006, the rooms feature a contemporary design with predominant use of wood and pastel colours to accentuate warmth and comfort. My room isn’t as big as the one in Latvia, but it feels more comfortable. Free broadband internet truly tops the sundae!

My bedroom
Enough about hotels, it’s springtime in Krakow! Strawberries and insects are in season!

This HUGE fly that I swatted yesterday…

A few interesting facts about Krakow:

1. One of the oldest and largest cities of Poland.
2. One of the leading scientific, cultural and artistic centres of the country

3. Former residence of the Polish kings and a national capital, considered by many to remain the spiritual heart of Poland due to its history of more than a thousand years.

4. Major centre of local and international tourism, attracting seven million visitors per year.
5. Old town in Krakow – Unesco World Heritage Site.

4. Largely sparred from the devastation of the two World Wars.Most of Krakow’s buildings are mostly Renaissance with some examples of Baroque and Gothic architecture.

Bronze chair sculptures near my hotel…

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26 April 2007 at 21:24

Greetings from Poland!

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Goodbye Riga, hello Krakow! It’s been a long journey (both this trip and to get to Krakow). Long story, I’m dead tired and hungry. More updates soon.

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26 April 2007 at 2:09

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Prop Prop Prop Prop Prop Prop Prop Prop Prop

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Aiyoyo! Just discovered that my flight to Krakow, Poland tomorrow is on a plane with propellers…

*cue Indiana Jones music*

Presenting the LOT Polish Airlines flight LO 3901 featuring the ATR 72-500 series turbo prop aircraft.

*fade out Indiana Jones, fade in Superman music*

*deep voice*
Powered by two Pratt & Whitney 127F propeller engines and a typical cruising speed of 514 km/h, the ATR72 is able to carry up to 72 passengers at operating costs which are comparable to those typical of 50-seater. Consequently its operating cost per seat are by far the lowest available for regional transport. Operators worldwide unanimously associate ATR 72 with profitability.

Thanks to its low operating costs and high reliability, ATR aircraft has played a major role in the development of many Airlines. Advanced technology has been the key factor in reducing operating costs to a minimum, thanks to low fuel consumption, high maintainability and maximum commonality, as part of a family of aircraft. The cargo version is also enhancing its utilization.

Have I told anyone that I have a deep-rooted phobia for propeller powered aircrafts?

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21 April 2007 at 5:24

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Going away… AGAIN

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Okay here’s the next itinerary…

I’m cutting short this trip from the initial 3-week circuit to two weeks. Believe it or not, I have not fully recovered from the exhaustion of my previous three week circuit around Europe…

15 – 21 April 2007: Frankfurt, Germany
Not my first trip to Frankfurt, nevertheless I look forward to it. Contrary to popular believe, I find Frankfurt more interesting than other major cities in Germany (besides Munich, where Oktoberfest is held annually).

21 – 25 April 2007: Riga, Latvia
This will be my first trip to Latvia, I think it would not be much different from its neighbour Estonia, which I visited last month.

25 – 28 April 2007: Krakow, Poland
Having visit Warsaw in my last trip, I had a good impression of Krakow from speaking to the hotel staff (the wonderful Sofitel Victoria Warsaw). They mentioned that Krakow was unscathed by the two World Wars and many beautiful buildings and historical monuments are the most interesting places to visit.

The only thing is, I will be flying Thai Airways due to the unavailability of flights on Singapore Airlinesand KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. And I found out that they don’t have the video on demand (personal screens). I managed to secure the last seat on the flight.

Lets hope that the renown Thai hospitality will manage to bowl me over (with help of lots of Singha beer).

Oh well, here I go again…

Wish me luck! =)

Baci baci, Leo

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4 April 2007 at 12:59