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Leo is on vacation!

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Arrivederci! (goodbye)

C’e vediamo doppo 🙂 (See you later)


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23 July 2009 at 18:08

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relaxation awaits..

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On a short break.. Be back soon!

Also, a very big birthday wish to a friend who dates back to prehistoric times!

Happy Birthday Marcus!

Hope you’re doing well in Middle Earth!

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14 July 2009 at 12:11


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Leo is away from 25th till 30th June 2008 in Bali.

He is enjoying a nice flight on Singapore Airlines to Singapore, enroute Bali.

When he reaches, he’s gonna have a good night’s sleep and go for various spa treatments the next day on the shores of the Black Sand beach of Spa Village Tembok, in Singaraja – northeast of Bali Island.

He will probably sit on an edge of the pool, meditate and go “OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHMMMMMM”, thereafter attaining enlightenment whilst sipping cocktails with a cherry and little umbrella attached to it.

So, to you guys out there who’s reading this with envy, he has only one thing to say…

“Its a tough thing to do, but someone’s gotta shovel the shit…”

=) Till later, arrivederci!

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25 June 2008 at 16:55

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Leo just redeemed a whole lot of frequent flier miles for two return free business class tickets to Bali.

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30 April 2008 at 0:08

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Going away soon!

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Hello there!

We are going on our annual Christmas vacation pretty soon (next week I guess).

So here’s a blessed Christmas to you, wishing you a bountiful harvest of Christmas turkey, stuffing and gravy, presents and family.

Cheers, Leo

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17 December 2007 at 0:22

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Going away.. AGAIN!

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This time, it’s a WE are going away…

Okay, I gotta admit that this post title is getting a tad cliché.

Nevertheless, this is a short post to let you guys know that we (the lady and I) will be on a vacation to Bangkok and Langkawi.

Will be staying at lebua at State Tower in Bangkok and thereafter, a beach extension at Langkawi Island.

lebua at State Tower, is the latest small luxury hotel in Bangkok city. lebua is an all suite property in the heart of Bangkok with breathtaking views of the Chao Phraya (river).

Also, a big thank you to that someone who is hosting our stay in Langkawi.

Be back soon! Updates from my Europe trips should be up pretty soon.

Cheerios and have a good week ahead./

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27 October 2007 at 1:15

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