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pictoral – a splendid day

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roofus n i had a great day today… we went to mom’s house in sepang, it is located by the lakeside, nice big backyard.

with my 5 yr old nephew, daryl (on the right) and his friend, isaac…

yups, even has a longan tree growin there!

after that, we went to a village called tanjung sepat…

to this packed-with-cityfolk-of-a-restaurant called OCEN,

by the seaside,

that had a jetty next to it…

took roofus for a walk on the jetty. he looked around…

and was rather concerned by the amount of water surrounding him (it was his first time to the seaside, and he hate baths) hehe…

roofus thought he was joining us for a sumptuous lunch

of fried fish, squid fritters, oyster omelette, vege, fish curry, vege and noodles…

but he was disappointed when he learnt otherwise… hehehe!

back home after lunch, roofus was marvelled by the numerous wildlife that were around the backyard…


hummingbirds and the likes…

at the end of the day, the kids..

and roofus had a great time! *gRiN*

~ the end ~


Written by Leo

30 January 2006 at 23:01

Posted in My Thoughts

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  1. *feels all nice, warm and bubbly inside*


    8 February 2006 at 20:10

  2. terima kasih!


    10 February 2006 at 0:18

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